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Experience custom club fitting at the highest level.  Hand selected and tested for the best products on the market.  Launch monitor numbers along with trajectory evaluation!  Watch ball flight outside!  Have the best of both world's!

Launch Monitor Technology
-Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Smash Factor, Club Speed, and Distance

Driver Fitting
    -Launch Conditions, Spin Rate, Distance evaluation, and Trajectory
Iron Fitting
    -Shaft Optimizer-Club Head Speed, Tempo, Shaft Toe Down, Shaft Kick Angle, Release Factor
        Length, Lie Angle, Grip(Custom)
Wedge Fitting
    -Education on what and how bounce works.  Selecting proper bounce and grind
        Demo outside with real grass conditions
Putter Fitting
    -Technology driven to determine a straight back stroke, slight arc or strong arc
        Fit the putter to each stroke along with length
Distance Control
    -Each club is tested and gives an average of how far each club flies

Equipment & Club Fitting

Shakespeare Golf provides custom club fitting.  Every golfer's body and swing are unique to that individual - height, arm length, swing speed, and shaft load.  Shakespeare Golf has assembled the very best equipment to meet these needs.  In addition, after the baseline fitting is determined then we address additional problems such as ball flight and spin rate.  Putting is very individual.  Do you have a putter that matches your natural stroke or are you trying to match your stoke to your putter?  Shakespeare Golf has the newest software to help determine your stroke type.  Only years of real golf experience allow for these suggestions and adjustments.  Also, Shakespeare Golf is not affiliated with one manufacturer; rather, has selected a group that is the best. 



The first step is the Interview Process, during which the fitter identifies your current ball flight tendencies, equipment specifications, likes and dislikes of your current equipment, and your needs and preferences from new equipment. The interview process is ongoing to ensure that your goals are being met through each of the remaining steps.


The second step, the Static Fitting, can be performed online. For an iron fitting, your height and wrist-to-floor measurement are used to calculate your static Iron Color Code (lie angle) and shaft length, and your hand dimensions are used to calculate your static Grip Color Code, or grip thickness.


The Dynamic Swing Test is next, during which you hit balls from an impact board with special tape on the sole of the club. When the club hits the board, it leaves marks on the tape that help the fitter understand how your setup and swing affect the position of the club head at impact.


The most important step in the process is Ball Flight Analysis. During this step, the fitter will utilize a variety of clubs with slightly different specifications to isolate each fitting variable and determine the combination of Color Code, club length, shaft type and flex, club model and grip size that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your desired ball flight.


Since your swing may change over time, the final step, Monitoring Performance, is ongoing. Periodic evaluation of your ball flight may reveal undesirable shot patterns with a group of irons or the entire set. A swing change, club adjustment or a combination of both may be necessary to resolve or eliminate these patterns.

The Greg Shakespeare School of Golf in Denver teaches a variety of students from all different levels. Below are some of our players whose game benefited from professional golf lessons with Greg Shakespeare.

While we have a number of beginner golfers we also coach student with PGA golf lessons, executives with golf pro lessons and offer a variety of professional golf lessons.

If you have any questions about PGA golf lessons, golf pro lessons or professional golf lessons, please contact Shakespeare Denver School of Golf - Phone:(303) 378-6434 or

Shane Bertsch    Shane is playing on the Tour.
  Michael Baird       Michael attended University of Pepperdine transferred to University of Colorado for a successful college career.  Now a professional he is playing on the Gateway Tour, Nationwide Tour, and Sate Opens.
  Chris Johnson    Chris is a PGA Section member in Colorado and has competed in the National Club Pro, State Opens, as well as the Colorado Cup Matches.  Chris was the 2010 Player of the year, and won the section championship.  2018 Senior PGA Championship and The 2018 US Senior Open.
  Shawn Wills      Shawn attended the University of Denver where he played on the traveling squad.  Now a professional playing on the Nationwide Tour as well as other mini-tours.
  Tom Gemple   Tom Is a graduate of the University of Colorado  where he competed successfully on the men's Golf Team.  Recently turning professional and competing on the Gateway Tour, and the Texas Tour.
No player has been financially compensated for being a featured player    

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